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Hello, my name is Rick...aka...roknrik...aka...wvrocker...The nickname rock'n'rick was given to me by friends that came to hear me play guitar in my band back in my high school days. I am a Virgo, born in 1954, in Huntington, West Virginia. I was raised in Los Angeles, California, in the town of Bell. I now live back in Huntington, WV. I am married 29 years (yes to the same woman) D.J. I have two beautiful daughters, the oldest has graduated Marshall University and is now teaching at a local school. She has also given me the greatest gift a parent can recieve, a Grandson named Gabriel. I call him Gabe, he calls me Gramps. The newest addition to the family is Kendra my granddaughter. My youngest daughter is STILL at home, trying to decide what to do with her life. She is attending a local business college and has a 4.0 grade average. Was Drum Major (that's outdated now) i mean Field Commander of the high school band her junior and senior year. Yep, she got dad's musical talent i am proud to say. I have a german shepherd named Ginger, the best watch dog ever, and a cat named Taco, to keep the dog in line. I play guitar in a band called Southern Impact. My first love is my "69" Gibson sg guitar. I also use a "85" Les Paul custom. I play through a Marshall TSL 2000 and also use a "75" Peavey Roadmaster amp, loaded with 4 6550 hard 4 groove tubes. You guitar players will know what i'm talkin' about. I also write songs and poetry, love football (raider fan) and cooking. I hope this gives you a little insight and info about me, and i hope you enjoy your visit to Rick's Café.

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