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Whether you use WebTv or a P.C. you need to back up your site at a different host other than the one you are using. P.C. users can do this too, but P.C. users can also save files to a disc. WebTv users can not download or save anything to disc. You need another host to copy your site to. This is in case something happens at the host you use now.

As an example Tripod had a glitch in some software that caused hundreds of sites to be shut down. When users went to their sites or editors they got a message that said "This site has been disabled for TOS violations". Lucky for Tripod users the glitch was fixed and most sites were restored with little data loss.

I am not picking on Tripod. These type of probems can happen to any site host big or small. Sometimes things break, bugs or glitches develope that can't be fixed. This can result in permanent data loss. Which means your site can be lost. Your site host is not responsible for this loss. Look in their TOS (terms of service).

Speaking of TOS, did you know your free site host can shut your site down just because they want? There does not need to be a direct violation. Perhaps they just don't like the content on your site. It's all there in the TOS agreement. This along with the fact that a lot of internet providers are becoming dot com ghosts. I have lost a couple of utilities because the service providers have gone out of business or been bought and changed by another company. With market conditions bad and revenue being down there are more ghosts to come.

The best thing you can do to protect your site and all of your hard work is to have a back up site at another free host. When you make changes or make a new page be sure to update your back up site. Just transload the updated file to your back up using the same file name. It will overwrite the old file.

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