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Burn Baby Burn

The first major step in oppressing the American people has been taken by the supreme court.
Stopping a voters right for their vote to be counted can not be tolerated.
As an American counting a vote is of utmost importance and the basis of our country.
As a protest to the supreme court ruling I call on every American to burn your voter registration card on inauguration day
and display your flag upside down.
Since your vote means nothing in this country any more it is not a loss.
It will be a symbol of freedom and unity under our constitution, something the supreme court disregarded for their own political agenda.
A clear message has to be sent to the courts and elected officials that the American people will not stand for their forced oppression.
Please join me January 20, 2001, at high noon est., in sending this message.

January 20, 2001
I burned my voter registration card today.
This was not an easy decision to say the least. It is based on what happened in Florida and the actions of the Supreme Court.
All I know is that if my vote were in question like the Florida fiasco i would be militant on their ass.
My government is no longer "of the people" it is of the rich and powerful.

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