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Dump Trump Diaries
An American Nightmare
These pages are a record about everything the Trumpster does that
is a lie, partial truth, broken campaign promises and
any other bs that comes out of his or any of his cronies mouths.

August 1, 2017....Tell you what boys and girls let's play a game called how many people have quit on or been fired by
the Trumpster since his taking the oath of office. Sally Yates acting AG, Michael Flynn national security advisor,
Katie Walsh deputy chief of staff, James Comey FBI director, John Thompson census bureau director, Mike Dubke communications director,
Walter Shaub government ethics director, Sean Spicer press secretary, Reince Priebus chief of staff, Anthony Scaramucci communications director.
I don't know if this is all but I do know there will be more to add to the list.
There are also several people who flat turned down the Trumpster's cabinet position offer.

August 2, 2017....Well it seems the Grand Poobah will be here in Huntington spewing his BS, at our civic center arena.
And folks you can protest Trumpy Dump's visit as long as you are in the designated protest area, two blocks away.
The Trumpster won't hear or see the protesters. How convenient. Your government at work for you.

August 3, 2017....Who the hell is this dude Miller that give Jim Acosta hell and never did answer his question at the press conference,
verbally assaulted Acosta and sounds just like a Trumpy Dump crony trying to dodge questions he hasn't a clue about?
Dam these people Trumpy gets are like cock roaches, they keep coming out of the woodwork.

August 4, 2017....Governor Jim Justice of West Virginia stated today, at the Trumpy rally here in Huntington wv,
that he is changing his political party affiliation to republican. WTF...Justice cares more about his politics than the
people of West Virginia. Instead of trying to fix the state's issues he seems to care more about what Trumpy says.
If you run with a certain party that gets you elected you should stay with that party at least until the next election.
People of West Virginia should be outraged by this inconsiderate act of state treason.
How can either party believe any thing this Trumpy Dump wannabe says ever again.

August 5, 2017....All the turmoil surrounding the white house, the inability get any bill passed,
problems with Russia, Kim Jung Ding Dong launching missiles that can carry a warhead etc.,
and the Vacationer In Chief is taking extended time off the job. Sad!

August 7, 2017....North Korea rejects U.N. sanctions. Whaaat! Does Trumpy really think this will hurt NK. The sanctions mean
nothing to Kim Jung Stupid and he would let his people starve because of sanctions. Trump administration, more useless everyday!

August 9, 2017....Can you say world war III. "North Korea's threats will be met by fire and fury" says Trumpy Dump.
Donnie, shut the f*** up, this will not be a twitter war. You are playing chess with people's lives.

August 11, 2017....Trumpy is ramping up the war with N Korea. It seems he just can't keep the stupid from coming out
of his mouth. The Donnie is a sick man and doesn't deserve to be the leader of the free world. He is mentally ill.
Nothing from him makes any sense and it is getting worse quick. He is playing with our lives and doesn't give a rats ass.
He gets more disturbing every day. It is time for congress to act and put the Donnie out of the white house.

August 13, 2017....The Donnie was on TV trying to speak about the riot in Virginia. Never once did he say any thing about
white nationalists directly. Most all of the racist thugs were from out of state. Dam, seems like I am back in the sixties.

August 14, 2017....In the wake of backlash on Trumpy's comments about the Charlottesville protests,
today the Donnie comes out and uses the terms white nationalists and ku klux klan to condem their
actions in this past weekends protest violence.

August 15, 2017....Another rant by Dumb Ass Trump. It seems he is condoning the violence, hate and domestic bigotry
by the white nationalists. Trumpy Dump just gets worse every day. He can no longer govern this country.
It is something negative out of his mouth daily. He can no longer defend any of his rants. Trumpy has to go.
That is the only solution to keep this country together. He has divided this country and torn it apart at it's core.
There is no defense to what the Divider In Chief says or does any more. He has to go.
.....I just wanted to state the negativity about this useless shell of a man. I don't think there is much use for these pages on Trumpy Dump.
I could continue to write these pages but it is the same theme over and over again. He has taken this country
to new lows domestic and international. I am ashamed of our president and can not condone any of his actions
or his supporters actions. His supporters are just ignorant racists and this president supports them.
....At this point I can no longer tolerate the president or anyone that's a supporter of his ignorance. If you support anything this so
called president does or says then you are way too stupid to be a friend of mine. Go away and don't call or talk to me again.
You are just way to ignorant to be alive. You and the president need to be euthanized.

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