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Dump Trump Diaries
An American Nightmare
These pages are a record about everything the Trumpster does that
is a lie, partial truth, broken campaign promises and
any other bs that comes out of his or any of his cronies mouths.

January 20, 2017....Now that the Donnie is potus we will see how many campaign promises he can break.

January 21, 2017....Yep Cartooners....it has already started on the first day. Hold on tight it's going to be a trumpy ride.
Lies from Trump and his press secretary about the size of the crowd at the inauguration.
It was said by the Trumpster and his press secretary that there were more people at the inauguration than reported by news media.
Pictures clearly show there were a whole lot less people than stated by the President's camp. Just another lie and falsehood from Trump.

January 22, 2017....Ms Conway announced today that Trump would not release his tax returns.
During the campaign theTrumpster stated he would release his tax returns. Another lie and broken promise from your potus.
btw...Ms Conway exactly what are "alternative facts"? Alternative facts are lies.

January 23, 2017....White House spokesman Sean Spicer, at a news conference today, still trying to get everyone to believe "alternative facts".
Again, alternative facts are just that, alternatives, not the truth.
Comment from Merriam-Webster
Also Trump states there will be a "major border tax" for companies that move out of the USA.
Don't know if the Trumpster knows it is a world economy and not just an USA economy any more. These companies do not have to
sell to or from the USA to be successful. There are plenty of other countries to manufacture and sell goods to that do not have any tax.
Just another example of how Trump tries to bully to get his way. Pitiful.

January 24, 2017....And the fun never stops...Today the Trumpster states he still believes millions of people voted illegally in the election,
despite not one piece of evidence to support his claims. He still can not stand it because he lost the popular vote.
Hey Donnie, give it up already, you won you dumb ass, and you are still bitchin' that some possible voter fraud took place.
If there was voter fraud in this election it was republican voter fraud that got you elected.
One other thing, I wonder if Trump would like an oil pipeline running across one of his properties?
He doesn't seem bothered to let the oil pass on property he does not own.

January 25, 2017....LMFAO...Donnie says he is going to make Mexico pay for a border wall. I don't think Donnie's hearing is very good.
The president of Mexico has stated he will not pay for any wall or any part of it. So when dumb ass Trump states he will make Mexico pay,
he is WRONG AGAIN! There is no plan for Mexico to pay for the wall and there never will be.
If he does manage to build some sort of wall U.S. taxpayers will be paying for it. If he does manage to get a wall up Mexico states it will leave NAFTA.
When this happens more U.S. workers will be unemployed because we will not be selling or trading free any more with Mexico.
The only thing that will happen out of any of this Trump BS is that American tax payers will end up paying more for almost everything.
The point about the wall is we, American tax payers, will be funding the wall alone.
Another lie and broken campaign promise from President dumb ass.
btw...Nero still claims a lie, that there was voter fraud in the election. Even Trump's camp states there was no voter fraud in the presidential election.
It seems Nerotrump is still more concerned about his ego than the American people. That will never change. Sad!

Let's see now...Can anyone believe how petty the Donald really is? He orders the National Parks Service to "stop tweeting".
It seems it is some kind of punishment for the NPS for publishing real true photos of the inauguration crowds.
Really Trump, don't you know all your petty bullshit makes you look, well, petty? Seems like Nerotrump
has his head so far up his ass he cannot see the truth any more. Maybe he just needs a clear belt-buckle.

January 26, 2017...Trump believes torture is OK. Yep, Trumpy is considering an executive order giving the go-ahead to allow torture of
enemy combatants, stating, "torture works". Yeah we know all about torture, it has not been a week yet, and hearing your bullshit everyday
is extreme torture. An alternative to physical torture would be to subject enemy combatants to listen to the BS that comes out of Donnie's mouth everyday.

....The Trumpster is going to launch an investigation in to voter fraud. Well Donnie, you can start the investigation with
one of your daughters Tiffany, then your nomination for Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and finlly Steve Bannon.
All registered to vote in at least two states.
Hey Donnie, have you ever heard the saying about cleaning your own backyard?

Hold the presses...Mexico's President has released a statement stating Mexico WILL NOT pay for Trump's wall.
Trump says well, the Mexican President has to say that. DUH! Of course he does.
That is because Mexico will not be paying for the trumpsters wall.
......It is now official, the President of Mexico has cancelled his visit to the U.S. and White House.
Stating the Trumpster still saying Mexico will "pay for the wall".
Way to piss off our neighbors douchebag T. You are officially an international freaking idiot.

January 27, 2017....Let's see, it has been a full week as potus for Trumpty Dumpty and he has already managed to piss off
China, Iraq, Mexico, media, park service, over half of all the American voters in the last election and even ticked off the doomsday clock.
Hey Steve Bannon...the media is supposed to be like the opposition party. How else are we going to
keep all you crooks in line. Without media were are North Korea and T is Kim Jong-un.
It seems Trumpy's war on immigration, is just more BS. Our Constitution states it is illegal to arbitrarily deny entrance to the U.S.
Not to mention that the countries he is denying entrance from have not produced any terrorist activity towards the U.S.
Trump is pissing on our Constitution.
Oh yeah, president dumb-ass, you can not withhold federal funds from states.
There is already a Federal law pertaining to this. Your executive orders do not trump federal law.
The courts will not let the Trumpster bullshit and bully his way to anything. The courts work with laws and truth,
not what ever trash, threats or bs the president thinks is true.
Trump Immigration Ban Targeting Muslims Suspended by Federal Judge. Refugee deportation barred.
This temporary stay means people detained at airports will not be deported. A stay has been granted.
Applies to everyone nationwide, immigrants and non-immigrants, refugees, everyone affected by the Executive Order.

January 28, 2017....Demonstrations across the nation against Trumpy's ban on immigration executive orders.
It is wonderful to see people in the streets protesting for what is right.
Demonstrations in Boston, D.C., New York, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Minneapolis-St.Paul, Dallas and many many more.
Regardless of what Trump and his cronies say, it is a ban on Muslims. At the very least
it is unconstitutional and at the most it is criminal.
Already top republicans have condemned T's executive order. Just the first of what I am sure will be many.
In Los Angeles, there are attorney's volunteering at LAX to help any one who might be detained.
The NSC is being reorganized to better suit Nerotrump's plan of having all "yes men" around him.
In Yemen today an U.S. soldier was killed trying to carry out Trump's agenda in the middle east.
I am positive there will be more U.S. soldiers die trying to carry out Trump's personal bs in the middle east.
Are you prepared for your fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, husbands and wives to die for Trump's personal agenda?

On a personal note, I don't believe protests are enough to sway Nerotrump. It is going to take some
kind of militant actions before he takes notice of anything. There needs to be an army to take our country back from the antichrist.
I have not seen these kinds of protests since Viet Nam.
Busy day here...Trump responds to the republican senators and accuses them of trying to start world war III.
Trumpy you are well on your way of doing that all by yourself.

January 30, 2017....Another day of protests here in the U.S. and around the world.
Iran stated today that the country will not let Americans in. Siting Trumps ban on muslims entering the U.S.
...A petition in England has it's Parliament debating how to handle Trumpys BS. on immigration.
It is really bad when you piss off your closet ally in the world.
...Then work some kind deal with Saudi Arabia which has produced known terrorists.
Top republicans today denounced the president's stand against immigrants.
Trump has to be ousted from the White House, he is the Real Terrorist. We need a military coup immediately!
Take up your arms brothers and sisters, Trump has to go,
and there can be no wavering on this sad Hitler wannabe, his cronies and his pitiful state of affairs.
...Trump has the audacity to say a senator is crying fake tears when addressing the press over Trumpy's ban.
Putting people down, who do not agree with you, is the only way Nerotrump
can feed his ego, because he has no substance to anything that spews out of his mouth.
Trumpy Dumpy your ban is unconstitutional, period. Stop wiping your ass with the Constitution!
Numerous legal challenges have been filed against Trumpy's ban against people from Islamic countries.
...Gestapotrump is an embarrassment to America and it's people.

January 31, 2017....The white house is in chaos. Diplomats departing, firing the AG, republican senate
and house members jumping off the Trump bus at every stop. Trump and his closest cronies
are flailing around from one issue to the next with out any thought as to the end process for any of them.
They are bringing a whole new level of incompetence to the white house.
....It is bad enough we are going to end up with a majority republican supreme court but, having Trumpy
appoint them is the worst case scenario, not just for democrats but for every citizen of the United States.

February 1, 2017....Well let's see, A week into his presidency the Trumpster has managed to kill a U.S. service person
in a raid that Spicer says was not 100% successful. It was a total failure that cost the U.S. a soldier and an aircraft.
Sad to say Trump is going to kill a lot of men and women in the U.S. armed forces
over what will mostly be petty issues and his win at all costs attitude.
...Also today the divider in chief pissed off Iran again over their test launch of a missile.
Trump's playground bully attitude has no place in domestic or world affairs.
....Trump trying to get his Supreme Court nominee approved has urged congress to "Go Nuclear" and
circumvent our constitution. This undercuts our democracy at it's core and is very dangerous politically.

February 2, 2017....It has been reported that the Divider In Chief has now pissed off Australia's PM Turnbull.
It seems a phone call was abruptly terminated by Trump while discussing refugees with the PM.
Trumpy calling it "the worst call so far".
At a prayer breakfast today, Trumpy was spewing some more bs about the Apprentice and Arnold.
This dude is so full of his own self it is a wonder poop does not come out of his ears. Hey Nerotrump,
the ratings on Apprentice were in a nose dive long before you left the show. The Divider In Chief
telling more lies to try to make him look good. And why, over a TV show. For the record the Apprentice ratings
so far this year have been a lot higher than when the Donnie left. Not much to say about this except sad sad sad!!!
....In some real news, the bomber in chief has not ruled out military action against Iran.
Tread lightly Donnie Boy, the rest of the world is not scared, especially islam countries.
Hey cartooners, can you say world war three?
....Still no word on the promised executive order dealing with voter fraud. Hmm, maybe because there was no voter fraud?
Get over it Genghistrump, you LOST the popular vote. Most voters just plain do not like you or your plans for America.

February 3, 2017....It seems some republicans are having trouble getting behind Trumpy's wall of shame.
Several senate and house republicans have already said they will not back the wall. Many more are on the wall,
so to speak, about who his going to fund the wall of shame. One thing for sure, Mexico will not pay for the wall.
So it seems the dumb-ass-in-chief has again broken a campaign promise.
...War ships headed for Yemen today because of Iranian backed fighters trying to blow up ships.
Wonder why the Iranians would want to do that? Oh yeah, Trump has broke the deal we had with Iran.
Trumpy Dump is looking to take the school yard bully of the world trophy away from Putin.
....Federal judge temporarily halts Trump's travel ban nationwide

February 4, 2017....Trump criticizes judge who issued stay on his travel ban. Gestapotrump calls the judge
"ridiculous" and a "so-called judge". Looks to me a so called president calling the kettle black.
The school yard bully dismisses any one who disagrees with him. Trump is just
so sad I am embarrassed to be an American with him as leader.
...More protests around the world and here in the U.S. against Trumpy's proposed ban on immigration.
...More news Trumps approval rating is way lower than any other president in history.

February 5, 2017....Top republicans are speaking out against Trumpy and his affection for Russian President Putin.
....The White House is trying to get an injunction against the judge's decision that stuck down Trumpy's ban on immigrants.
Having a court go against him, must really be pissing off the trumpster.
More mindless and meaningless tweets from Nerotrump about how bad the judge is blah blah etc.
...Appeals court rejects Trumps travel ban appeal. We are still the land of the free right now,
Tomorrow the court will rule on the injunction.

February 6, 2017....Trumpy is bashing the judge who issued the stay against his ban. He is calling the judge names and questioning his judgment.
This is typical Trump Dump BS, any time some one does not agree with him, all of a sudden they are incompetent or unfit for their duties.
Donnie does this type of bashing because he knows the judge is bound by law not to discuss any issues with the public.
It is easy to pick on some one who can not by law defend his self. More pitiful whining from the Divider-In-Chief.
Trump still calling polls "fake news" just because he does not like the numbers.
More typical bs from from Nerotrump because he does not get his way. The White House has not been in this much turmoil since Nixon.
Never thought I would say bring Nixon back but, even a dead Nixon would be better than what we have now.
...Trumpster is sill defending Russian President Putin. Makes me wonder what Putin has on Trumpy
that keeps Trump praising Putin. Vice president Pence says he is "watching" Russia.
More mixed signals from the White House.
....Travel ban goes before court. Arguments to be heard tomorrow.

February 7, 2017....Makes you wonder if Trump knows there are two more branches to our government.
....Press secretary Spicer is under attack every day trying to explain away what bs came out of Donnie's mouth the past 24 hours.
He is under attack because he just spews the same bs day after day.
There is no defense for any of Trumpy Dumps actions or tweets.
...Vice president Pence today had to break a tie for the education secretary nomination.
Once again half the people do not like Trumpy's pick.
On another note Spicer seemed to tone it down a bit after Melissa McCarthy's impersonation of him on Saturday Night Live.
....Arguments were heard today before three judges on the president's travel ban.
...Trump claims murder rate is at a 47 year high. He is dead wrong.
It has been fact checked and it is not even close to being true.
Trump just makes shit up to suit his needs then tries to get the rest of us to believe his BS.
Donald Trump, more useless everyday!

February 8, 2017.......Elizabeth Warren was rebuked by the Senate led republicans. Not allowed to speak her mind against
a republican nominee. Just what republicans do to people that speak their mind against them.
....Trumpy Dump is going ahead with plans to stop federal funding to states who provide sanctuary to illegal aliens.
Again today, does Spicer believe any of the bs that spews out of his mouth.
It's kind of like Trump has his hand up Spicer's ass making his lips move.

February 9, 2017.....Kelly Conway receives "counseling" after she plugs Ivanka Trumps line of merchandise during interview on Fox news.
She urges viewers to "go buy Ivanka's stuff". Don't know if Trump's cronies are trying to bs everybody or they really are that stupid.
....The President's spokesman Sean Spicer today Invents a terror attack in Atlanta.
He referred to the fake attack trying to defend the white house ban on travel.
....A giant victory for the constitution today as appeals court strikes down the presidential order to ban certain travelers from entering the U.S.
We'll see how many names the Donnie can call the court and judges and how big a temper tantrum he will throw.
Trumpy Dump can appeal to the Supreme Court but, unless his cronies can come up with a better argument the ban will stay suspended.

February 10, 2017.....Well, just another day of the white house bs. Press Secretary Spicer today keeps slamming CNN and other news agencies for
reporting anything negative about the presidency. Typical Trumpy, of course any thing negative is fake news invented by CNN.
....Flynn talked sanctions with Russia despite denials by Flynn and the white house. Flynn has lost what little credibility he had
before lying about the issue. Leaky white house. Maybe they could use Nixon's plumbers.
....Trump claims Elizabeth Warren "Pocahontas is now the face of the democrat party". That's a racist remark.
Also, if you still believe it, Trump still going on about the election being "rigged". Complaining today to a group of Senators.
Geeesh...get over it already, most people just don't like you Donnie Boy.

February 11, 2017.....President says he may issue a new travel ban after his last attempt failed to be approved by the courts.
Hundreds have been arrested by ICE this week in raids across the U.S.

February 12, 2017.....Saturday Night Live is making America great again.

February 13, 2017.....Trump Staffer still insisting there was voter fraud in New Hampshire despite not bringing forth one bit of proof of any kind.
Just another one of Trumpy's cronies trying to make his bones with the administration.
Must be some real infighting in the Trup camp when these low level staffers can go on TV
make outrageous statements and just plain lie to the public.
....White House national security adviser Michael Flynn has resigned after reports he misled Trump administration
officials about his contacts with Russia's ambassador to the U.S. At one point VP Mike Pence publicly vouched for the
former national security advisor. One crony moron gone, many more to go.

February 14, 2017.....Fallout over Flynn resignation, it seems the white house knew about Flynn's comments for about twelve days before
getting/asking for Flynn's resignation. Trump did nothing about this until the story broke on CNN.
....Ethics chief states the white house should investigate Kelly Conway for violations
concerning her comments about Ivanka Trump's clothing line
....Trump aides had constant contact with senior Russian officials during the campaign.
What the hell does Russia have on the Disgracer-In-Chief that makes him so soft on Russia?

February 15, 2017.....Looks like there are going to be hearings on the Flynn debacle.
GOP siting a serious probe in to the whole Russia issue.
....Labor Pains, labor secretary pick Puzder does not want to proceed with his nomination, says he "wants out".
It appears he did not have the votes in congress to get confirmation.
First Flynn now Puzder, Trumpy's cabinet is falling apart before it even gets a good start.
That's what happens when you get your cronnies as your cabinet instead of people that actually know what they are doing.
....The Looser-In-Chief is considering sending combat troops to Syria, to speed up the fight against Isis.
All right republicans, this is what you have wanted, line your sons and daughters up, send them to Syria
and have them come home in a box.
....Morning Joe's Mika Brzezinski says Kellyanne Conway is no longer welcome on the show saying
"Every time I've ever seen her on television, something's askew, off or incorrect."

February 16, 2017.....Russian warships off of our Atlantic coast and Russian warplanes strafing our Navy in the middle east.
Guess the love fest between Putin and Trump is over.
....Trump at a news conference today still harping that he won the election without the popular vote.
The dude is like a broken record because he has nothing new to say.
At the news conference Trumpy went on and on about everything he always goes on and on about.
Again hitting key words like isis and "the wall" etc. without any type of plan for any of it.
He keeps keeps moving his lips but the man with his hand up his ass says nothing.
....OMG The Divider-In-Chief still bringing up issues he claims about cheating from the Clinton campaign.
How petty can the Douchebag-In-Chief be?
....Trump..my administration is "running like a fine-tuned machine".
The administration I see is inept at best and criminal at worst.
....Vice Admiral Robert Harward has turned down Trumps offer to be National Security Adviser.
It is said Harward wanted his own team and the the white house said no.

February 17, 2017.....The Deporter-In-Chief is thinking of using 100,000 national guard troops to help round up illegal aliens
and send them back to where they came from.
....Trump still trying get his cabinet together. The Trump Train is out of control and is about to derail.

February 19, 2017.....When Donald Trump told a rally "Look at what happened last night in Sweden"
it baffled Swedes and left their embassy requesting clarification. Nothing happened in Sweden.
Shows more and more Trump has no idea about any thing. Nero Trump's ears just like to hear his mouth talk.
....Now we have a pathological liar in office, and his trained clowns who lie like its a reflex for every question.

February 20, 2017.....Defense Secretary Mattis is in Iraq. He is telling Iraq that Trump has no plans to
take their oil for the U.S. military helping them.
Trumpy had made the comment that he would make Iraq pay for the U.S. military for being there.
....Thousands of people take to the streets in New York, Chicago and many other cities across the U.S.
It is a "not my president" protest on this Presidents Day. How appropriate!
....Trump has made Army Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster his new national security chief. The thing is, if you are an active military
member you can not turn down a position offered by the potus. So we will see how long McMaster will be Donnie's puppet.

February 21, 2017.....CIA analyst quits and blames Trump. Siting Trump's statements
about the CIA and other intelligence agencies. During the campaign Trump criticized
the intelligence community then once the campaign was over he wants to be buddy buddy with them.

February 22, 2017.....Trump is blaming "professional protesters" for the disruptions in town hall meetings across
the nation. Again, with not one shred of evidence that any of the protesters were paid, organized or otherwise professional.
The Trumpster just can not get over the fact that more people across the U.S. voted for Hillary than him.
Move on Donnie!

February 23, 2017.....It seems Trump has put Kellyanne Conway on hiatus after a series of statements she made, none of which are true.

February 24, 2017.....Hitler Trump through his crony Spicer did not allow some reporters in the daily news briefing today.
Of course the ones that were not allowed are the media Trumpy says is crooked or rigged. CNN NY Times etc.
Hitler Trump is to good of a name for him. Would not want to wreck Hitler's good name and standing in history.

February 26, 2017.....Paranoia strikes deep...Into your life it will creep.
...Trump is having a hard time filling all his cabinet positions. These people are not wanting to be associated with
Trumpy or his policies. The military positions seem to be the hardest to fill. Numerous decorated military
officers have stated they do not want any part of the Trumpster.
...."Nobody knew health care could be so complicated." A direct quote from DuhTrump.
....Also "Obama's people possibly behind white house leaks". Another quote from Trumpy.
As usual, he offers this with out any basis or proof.

February 28, 2017.....It seems there has been a leak about the White House crackdown on leaks.
Now that is leaky.
...The president will address to congress tonight. This should be fun.

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