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Dump Trump Diaries
An American Nightmare
These pages are a record about everything the Trumpster does that
is a lie, partial truth, broken campaign promises and
any other bs that comes out of his or any of his cronies mouths.

March 1, 2017....Well Donnie, in his speech last night, did not say any thing new.
It was the same old bs that he spews everyday. Nothing new.
Donnie what are you going to do about health care, jobs, the economy, Russia, the wall etc?

March 2, 2017....It seems Attorney General Jeff Sessions memory isn't that good. He told the Senate panel specifically Al Franken,
that he did not have any meetings or discussions with Russia.
There is new evidence that Sessions did communicate with the Russians during Trump's campaign.
There is no integrity to the White House anymore. It seems the White House is run more like a frat house.
....Jeff Sessions has said he will recuse himself from decisions made about Russia. Not good enough,
Sessions needs to resign because there will always be doubts about any decision he makes.
He lied to the Senate committee when he stated he had no contact with the Russians. Nothing less than a resignation will do.

March 3, 2017....The Keystone XL oil pipeline won't use American steel in its construction, despite what President Donald Trump says.
It seems contracts have already been let, and now that the pipeline is partly done the government can not change
steel makers because of contracts it has signed.
That is another campaign promise our business savvy President has made that he can't keep.
One would think Trump being the business person he his, surely understands contracts.
Geez... this moron is leading our country straight to hell.

March 4, 2017....President Dumb Ass is now saying Obama ordered surveillance on him including wire tapping.
The Dip Shit In Chief has not one bit of proof about anything. This stupid Douche has to tweet to get a message out.
Trump is a sorry son-of-a-bitch once again making accusations that he has no proof of or back up in any way.
The divider in chief at it again with baseless claims that seem to come out daily and make him look like the Mickey Mouse president he is.

March 5, 2017....The FBI asked the Justice Department to refute President Trump's assertion that President Obama
ordered the wiretapping of Trump's phones last year. The FBI made the request because wiretapping would be illegal,
the President cannot just order the eavesdropping of a U.S. citizen's phones,
A court would have to approve any request to wiretap.
Just more misdirection to take away from the focus being on a white house in disarray.

March 6, 2017....On the wire tap issue, if the president thought that there was wiretapping during the election campaign he could order
the documents declassified and prove his point. However, President Dumb Ass will not do this because there is nothing to see.
...Another Muslim travel ban released by the white house today. Pretty much the same ban as before.
The only difference is that Iran has been taken off the list.

March 7, 2017....A new health care plan? Health care is a giant issue for just about every one of us. Sounds like
this plan is as under done as Obama's was over done.
...Spicer stated today the white house is not going to be able to do this in one bill.
Exactly what that means is know only known by Trump and his cronies.
....Still no evidence in Trump's spygate case. The president is still harping on this without
one shred of evidence to prove what ever deranged point he is trying to make.
....Some Republicans in Congress said on Tuesday they oppose parts of the Republican healthcare bill and they plan to introduce
their own legislation to repeal Obamacare. Seems all Republicans are not onboard with the Trumpster's health care proposals.

March 8, 2017....It is fun every day to watch Spicer try to defend the bs Trump says and does. Making more fodder for Saturday Night Live.

March 9, 2017....4:12am the House is still debating the Trump health care program. How sad!
....The Trumpster on health care "Despite what you hear in the press, healthcare is coming along great. We are talking
to many groups and it will end in a beautiful picture". Could your delusional self be any more vague?

March 10, 2017....It seems Trump is going to blame democrats if his health care bill does not pass.
Donnie Boy, it don't work that way. Republican President, Republican Senate, Republican House and a Republican Majority
Supreme Court, if you can not get a health Bill passed you will officially be the worst President ever.
....Jobs report out today states the job situation is getting a bit better. It seems as long as the reports are
positive in some way The Donnie states they are true and correct. His quote today about the jobs reports
"They may have been phony in the past but not now". It seems as long as the Donnie likes what is in a report
he says it is true and when a report has any thing negative it is phony.

March 11, 2017....Still waiting on Trump to answer the question about Obama spying on Trump Towers during the election.
Other than the accusation not a word from the White House on the issue.
....Hmmm...Real quiet at the White House today.

March 12, 2017....Republicans still trying to get some members of their own party to vote for the health care bill. This health care bill needs to
be scrutinized by all congress members. There are some parts of the bill that are vague and will not help people who do not have health care.

March 13, 2017....Kellyanne Conway at it again with her version of facts. White House counselor Kellyanne Conway trying to
defend Trump’s evidence-free claim that former President Obama tapped his phones at Trump Tower before the election.
Conway suggests how such surveillance could have been carried out. “There was an article this week that talked about how you
can surveil someone through their phones, through their television sets, microwaves that turn into cameras, et cetera.
So we know that is just a fact of modern life".
...Spicer today stated that is up to the Department Of Justice to determine if there was wire tapping going on at
Trump Towers during the election. The FBI stated there is no evidence of any wire tapping during the election.
....The health care bill analysis has been released, it states 24 million more people will be uninsured
by 2026. If these people are uninsured that means what you pay in medical expenses and
insurance will cost more because of the amount of uninsured of people not paying into health care.
So insurance is going to cost more and more people will not have medical insurance.
Way to go republicans, another piece of useless legislation. If this is Trump and the republicans way
of making health care better and more affordable we are all screwed.

March 14, 2017....If the health care bill is so good why doesn't the President or House Speaker want their name on it?
....What a shock, the White House does not agree with the health care bill analysis. Some old bs from Trumpy and the republicans.
Any time Trump does not agree with some thing or some one, it is false, fake or incorrect even though evidence is to the contrary.
....An audio interview from 2016 has Speaker Ryan trashing Trump. Them republicans sure are fickle bitches.

March 15, 2017....Members of the republican party, the FBI and the department of justice have stated that there was
NO hacking of Trumpy or his towers during the campaign by the Obama white house.
....Republicans are backing away from the proposed new Trump Care bill. To start with no one wants their name on the bill.
That says a lot. The senate has said the bill would not pass in it's current form even if the House was to pass the bill. To beat it all,
the president praised the bill. The president and Paul Ryan seem to be the only ones that are in favor of the health care bill.
It is evident the republicans have found the health care issue a lot more difficult than they thought it would be.
The moron republicans just need to fix some parts of Obama Care not redo it.
Don't know what the hell made them think they can do a health care in a few weeks when it took years just get Obama Care.
....A federal court temporarily blocks Trump's proposed new nationwide travel ban.

March 16, 2017....Trump on his conjured up wiretapping claim. Fox News aired an interview between Tucker Carlson and the president.
CARLSON: On March 4th, 6:45 in the morning, you tweet, “The former administration wiretapped me, surveilled me at
Trump Tower during the last election.” How did you find out? You said “I just found out,” how did you learn that?
TRUMP: I had been reading about things. I read in I think it was January 20th, a New York Times article where they were talking about wiretapping.
There was an article, I think they used that exact term. I read other things. I watched your friend Bret Baier
the day previous, where he was talking about certain, very complex sets of things happening, and wiretapping.
I said “Wait a minute, there’s a lot of wiretapping being talked about.” I have been seeing a lot of things.
Let’s stop here for a moment. When Trumpy told the world that he’d “just found out” about an illegal surveillance operation launched against him by
Barack Obama, that was apparently a lie. The New York Times mentioned wiretapping in January, and Fox’s Bret Baier mentioned it again more
recently, but neither report made any mention of Obama targeting Trump. Also note Trump’s vague references to “things”, he’s read some
“things,” he’s read “other things,” and he’s “seeing a lot of things.” This wouldn’t work for a child delivering a book report about
a book he hasn’t read, and it sounds even worse when a president is defending accusations of an illegal espionage operation.
CARLSON: Why not wait to tweet about it until you can prove it? Don’t you devalue your words when you can’t provide evidence?
TRUMP: Well, because the New York Times wrote about it. Not that I respect the New York Times. I call it the failing New York Times.
But they did write on January 20 using the word “wiretap.”
This isn’t coherent. Why did Trump share a conspiracy theory he couldn’t prove? Because two months ago, a newspaper
he doesn’t trust published a piece that offered literally no proof to substantiate his conspiracy theory.
CARLSON: Right, but you are the president. You have the ability to gather all the evidence you want.
TRUMP: I do, but I think that frankly, we have a lot right now, and I think if you watched the Bret Baier and
what he was saying, and what he was talking about and how he mentioned the word wiretap,
you would feel very confident that you could mention the name. He mentioned it, and other people mentioned it.
This is insane. For months, Trump has looked past the official information available to the president through his own administration,
preferring instead to rely on reports from news outlets he doesn’t seem to fully understand. In this case, Tucker Carlson
tried to remind him that he has access to real evidence that could tell him whether his conspiracy theories are true or not,
and Trump immediately responded by pointing to a Fox News report, which once again, did not in any way bolster his conspiracy theory.
“It is hard to fully describe how clownish the Trumpster looks during the interview.”
If the goal of the appearance was to renew fears about Trump’s stability, he definitely succeeded.
.....Puppet Spicer today danced around all the questions from white house reporters about the wiretapping. He tried to bully the reporters.
Bullying is typical white house tactics. This is typical bs that comes out the white house almost daily. Spicer stated quotes that are
supposed to back up the white house position but what he talked about had nothing to do with any wiretapping. Mostly he talked about Russia.
Spicer refused to answer direct questions about wiretapping from numerous reporters. Typical misdirection from anyone associated with Trump.
Still no evidence at all from any agency that any wiretapping took place. Spicer refused to answer direct questions and stated "move on" when
he did not have answers. The Deceiver In Chief and Spicer still trying tell people that the world is flat. Sad!

March 17, 2017....Britton's intelligence and security organization GCHQ has dismissed claims from the white house that it helped Obama spy
on the Liar In Chief as "nonsense and utterly ridiculous and should be ignored" in a very rare public statement. On Thursday Spicer
repeated that the GCHQ was used by Obama to spy on Trumpy. More lies spread by Spcer and the Liar In Chief.

March 18, 2017....The President's words matter! What you say and how you say it matters when you are leader of the free world.
The president is one sick puppy and needs to be put down. He is like a rabid dog, so mad he has lost his mind
and ability to distinguish reality from fantasy and fact from fiction and from what is made up in his mind and what is true.
There are some things you expect from a president and he has none of them.
.....Speaker Paul Ryan says he's been "dreaming" of Medicaid cuts since he was "drinking out of kegs". Some people dream of travel,
some dream of making the world a better place. Paul Ryan has always dreamed about the day he
could deny 24 million children and disabled/low income adults medical care.

March 19, 2017....Speaker Ryan and the president are trying ram the new healthcare bill through the House. This in the face of many in the House and
Congress who do not agree with the bill or believe there should be changes to the bill to make it better. You just got to ask yourself, why are they trying so hard
to pass a bill so fast that many do not want? The republicans are more interested in getting the health care passed than they are of getting it right.

March 20, 2017....President Trump's approval rating has fallen to 37 percent, the lowest of his presidency, according to Gallup. His disapproval rating
rose to 58 percent. At this point in his first term, Obama's approval rating was in the low 60s, while President George W. Bush's was in the mid 50s.
Trump's current approval rating is lower than any other president at this point in his first term since Gallup started tracking the issue in 1945.
.....FBI director Comey states they are looking into possible collusion between Trump and the Russians. Also the FBI, CIA and NSA state there
is no evidence or information to support Trump's claim the Obama administration spied on Trump or Trump Towers. Trump has stated the Obama
administration wiretapped him. Without one bit of substantiated evidence this makes Trump a liar and proves he just makes up his own paranoid BS.

March 21, 2017....The republicans are making some changes to the health care bill in hopes of getting it to pass.
These changes are minor and I don't believe it is enough to sway law makers to vote for the bill. The white house in what
seems like a veiled threat stated there will be a "price to be paid" for voting against the health bill. At the same time the white house is
considering more changes to the bill. The republicans are making changes just to get the bill passed.
They are not making any changes that will actually do something to make health care better and more affordable.

March 22, 2017....An Ukrainian lawmaker released documents Tuesday he says prove Paul Manafort, Trump's former campaign manager,
tried to hide payments received from Ukraine’s ousted former president through an offshore shell company. The new allegations
come a day after Manafort’s name was raised in a House Intelligence Committee hearing, in which FBI Director Comey was asked
about possible coordination between Trump’s campaign and the Kremlin during the 2016 U.S. presidential election.
.....The GOP intelligence committee Chair Devin Nunes (R), states in a news conference, "Trump communications possibly collected"
as part of the investigation in to Russia's involvement in election. Very interesting!

March 23, 2017....The vote on health care scheduled for today in the House has been postponed. Despite that the president, Spicer and the house leader
all said the bill would be voted on and passed today. It is obvious the republicans do not have the votes to pass their pitiful health care bill.
The health care bill is flat lining and is on life support. The bunch of moron republicans don't have clue and there is no plan B. How stupid is that.

March 24, 2017....With the Trump care bill failing in the house Trump has called for a vote. It will fail and Trump can then blame democrats
and the moderate republicans. The problem is that it is the president who has failed to bring the congress and the nation together on this issue.
He has campaigned on the health care issue promising a repeal of Obama care. Looks like another campaign promise broken.
I believe Trumpy has bitten off a lot more than he can chew.
.....The health care bill has been pulled at Trumpy's request. Hell you say! Rather than lose, Trump has taken his ball and gone home.
It seems like the only time he quits something is when he can't win or things don't go his way. Looks like all the BS yesterday
by republicans about the bill passing is just well, more BS. Let's just see how many people are at fault according to Trumpy.
Don't have to wait, it will be everyone's fault but his.
.....Looks like there will no new health care bill. Congress will be moving on to other things. So much for promises
made by Trump. Can't believe any thing Trumpy Dump says. His one big campaign promise and he just can't get-r-done. What happened to
"you will get tired of all the winning". The president's first big test and he is a loser.
....Paul Ryan states, despite losing, he believes the health care bill was a good one. It is evident the majority leader is
in the minority. He is blaming democrats but the house is a majority of republicans. when you can't convince your own party it is
really bad. The first of many defeats for Trump and the republicans.
.....Trump, of course is blaming democrats for the health care bill failure. He got no votes from the dems
and still a dozen or so republican were hold outs. He can't get his own party together to get a bill passed.
At least Paul Ryan owned the defeated bill. The president is blaming every one else or the bill failure
and taking no blame himself. Guess what Trumpy, you are president and the buck stops with you.
Looks like the Trumpster has failed again.

March 25, 2017....Dam, I am tried of all this winning. All of these great deals the Loser-In-Chief is making is wearing me out.
Health care bill can not pass the house and the immigration bill can't pass the courts. Looks like the white house
is collapsing in on it's self. All of this and the Russia issue is still looming over Trump's presidency.
.....Trump says about the health care bill that he said he never promised it would get done right away. This is wrong.
His main campaign promise was to repeal Obama Care and nobody could get it done but him. Many times during the
campaign Trumpy stated that a new Health Care Bill would be done the first thirty days of his presidency.
So he is a liar or too old to remember. Either way Trump needs to go.

March 26, 2017....So why is Trump blaming democrats for the health care bill failure? He did not reach out to any democrats to try
to get them to vote for his bill. Trump has nobody to blame for this failure but himself. He is also blaming the republicans that
voted down the health care bill. Seems Donnie boy is trying to put blame everywhere but where it should be, with him.

March 27, 2017....Got to love the daily white house briefing. Watching Spicer parse his words every day is interesting. You can tell he
does not believe most of the white house BS coming out of his mouth. Trying to explain what the president "really" meant.
No body can explain what the president meant in a statement because Trumpy does not know what he wants or means.
.....The Trumpster is now saying he walked away from a bad deal on health care. He did not want to let the bill to be voted on. He knew he
would lose. Now he is saying he pulled the bill because it was a bad deal. Dam Donnie The Deflector, make up your mind, which is it?
Democrats fault, Republicans fault, Hillary's fault or a bad deal? Still blaming everyone and anything but yourself. So sad!

March 28, 2017....Seems the only things Trump can get enacted are the executive orders he signs. Something that does not need voted on.
Sean Spicer still talking down to the press, not answering questions, cutting reporters off and giving vague answers along with some sort of
stupid joke about Russian dressing. Trump's son-in-law Kushner will testify before the intelligence committee about Trump's ties with Russia.
It would be interesting to hear about that. The problem is his testimony will only be heard behind closed doors. How convenient.
.....Trump is dismantling Obama's climate reforms. Trump thinks he's better than the best scientists at predicting climate change.
Business man, president and now the Meteorologist In Chief. Thank God melting ice caps and rising oceans are not an issue any more.
.....The house intelligence committee member Eric Swalwell "This is what a cover up looks like". Commenting on the obstruction
by the Intelligence Committee chair Devin Nunes. Nunes has had meetings at the white house in which he discussed
possible cover ups with members in the White House. Hmmm.
.....An executive order removing Obama's coal industry regulations was issued by Trumpy today. Might be able to mine
coal but, who is going to by it? Coal fired plants are being replaced and no new ones have been built in years.

March 29, 2017....It seems the Affordable Care Act is back on the table according to republicans. Unless major changes are made
the result will be the same. Trump and Ryan are probably selling the farm to try to get votes for the act.
What does it say about the bill that Trumpy or Ryan don't want their name on it!
.....White House staff to skip correspondents’ dinner in ‘solidarity’ with the Trumpster. Not only is Trumpy and staff
assholes for breaking tradition, this can only deepen the divide between the press and Divider In Chief.

March 30, 2017....What is going on with Devin Nunes? Seems he has lost all credibility because of the Russia investigation issue.
I mean this guy is chairman of the House Intelligence committee and it seems like he doesn't have a clue how to direct an investigation.
.....A federal judge in Hawaii extends the order blocking Trump's travel ban after the state's attorney general argued the
ban is a "neon sign flashing Muslim ban, Muslim ban".

March 31, 2017....Flynn offers to testify in exchange for immunity. Hell you say! Usually when immunity is offered they are
going for someone bigger. Wonder what Flynn has on who?
.....Trump forgets to sign and walks out on the executive-order signing ceremony. He is said to have signed them later.
So why is there signing ceremony. Trump just likes to hear Trump talk.

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