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Dump Trump Diaries
An American Nightmare
These pages are a record about everything the Trumpster does that
is a lie, partial truth, broken campaign promises and
any other bs that comes out of his or any of his cronies mouths.

April 1, 2017....President fools day. Trumpy still trying to get heat off all the controversy that is swirling around the white house.
The Moron In Chief tweeting his unhappiness with the news media and blaming them for his sad current state of affairs.
Hell you say! Typical protocol from Trumpy blame every one and every thing for your screw ups.
..... General Flynn wanting immunity. wtf? Trumpy and Flint are both on record stating "if you need immunity you must
be guilty. So Flint is guilty, to what extent is still to be determined.

April 2, 2017.... A federal judge has rejected Trumpy's free speech defense against a lawsuit accusing him of inciting violence against protesters at a
campaign rally. Judge David J. Hale in Louisville ruled Friday that the suit against Trump, his campaign and three
of his supporters can proceed. Hale found ample facts supporting allegations that the protesters' injuries were a "direct and proximate result"
of Trump's actions, and noted that the Supreme Court has ruled out constitutional protections for speech that incites violence.
"It is plausible that Trump's direction to 'get 'em out of here' advocated the use of force," the judge wrote.
"It was an order, an instruction, a command."
.....Ahead of the Trumpster's meeting with the Chinese president, he is telling China to tell North Korea to stop missile tests or "we will".

April 3, 2017....Trump turned down a chance to throw out the first pitch of the baseball season. He won't throw the first pitch but
there is video of him singing Take Me Out To The Ball Game at baseball games. What the hell next, no pardon for the Thanksgiving Turkey?
.....Sending son-in-law Jared Kushner to the middle east. Yep, a man in real estate, as his only experience, will solve all of the conflicts
in the world, including Israel and Palestine. This shows the depth of Trumps ignorance of World affairs and reinforces Trump is
not fit to be President of the most powerful country in the world.
.....The republicans supreme court nominee Gorsush does not have the votes to be approved. So the republicans are going to change
the rules to get their nomination passed. WTF is up with that. If you can not get 60 votes you do not deserve to be a supreme court judge.
The rules are their for a reason. You can not change the process during the process. How desperate the republicans are to do any thing. Pitiful.

April 4, 2017....Typical Trump supporters at fox. CEO resigns amidst sexual misconduct, fox pays big lawsuit,
now O'Reilly/fox has paid 13 million dollars in lawsuit money to several women for sexual harassment. Fox is not real news.
It is, trumped up so to speak just for ratings. These incidents show a pattern and culture at fox news of sexual harassment.
.....The protesters that allege Trump incited violence at a rally and have filed a lawsuit. Trump stated "get em out of here".
The protesters were ruffed up as a result. A judge has ruled the suit can go forward.

April 5, 2017....The Blamer In Chief is blaming Obama for the gas attack in Syria. If Trumpy thought there was something wrong in Syria,
why hasn't he taken action? He blames everyone but himself. Wake up dumb ass, you are the president now and you
could have already done something in Syria if you really gave a rats ass.
.....Steven Bannon has officially been removed from the National Security Council. While Trump's cabinet is still full of questionable
individuals, at least one of the worst is out. What the hell does Bannon know about National Security anyway?
.....It has been reported that in several sections of Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch’s 2006 book The Future of Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia,
and in an article on the same subject published in the Harvard Journal of Law, he repeats the facts, words, and structures of other
sources without citing them. Seems plagiarizing is very popular with republicans since none have ever had an original thought.

April 6, 2017....Trumpy doesn't think Bill O'Reilly did any thing wrong in making inappropriate advances towards several women.
Hell you say! The Molester In Chief sticking up for someone making sexually harassing remarks or advances to women.
.....The Trumpster has suggested Susan Rice committed a crime but offers no proof or evidence to back up his claim.
Another diversion tactic by the Trump campers. Deflect, deflect, deflect.
.....House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes says he will temporarily step aside from the committee's investigation
into Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election after coming under harsh criticism.
.....The senate has invoked the "nuclear option" in it's effort to get Gorsuch approved for the Supreme Court. It is a sad day when you
have to change the rules to get your personal agenda passed. You need 60 votes to get a nominee passed.
So the rule change makes it 51 votes to get passed. That is a real convenient way to subvert the rules for personal gain.
I believe a Supreme court justice should need at least two thirds of the votes to pass.
.....The Pentagon is presenting a range of possible military options the United States could take in response to the suspected
chemical attack in Syria. We are not the world police. It is not up the U.S. to stop warring factions world wide.
.....Well that was fast. U.S. air strikes against Syria by way of cruise missiles. Guess Donnie wants to be police chief of the world.
He just could not wait, he had to bomb the hell out of some where.

April 7, 2017....It seems Russia has spoken out against the United States cruise missile attack on Syria. Imagine that.
.....I believe General Trumpy should have tried to get support for the attack from the house and senate or at least let the
security council in on it. I mean 59 cruise missiles launched, that sounds like a lot to me.
.....It seems most of the countries in the middle east support the air strike. Of course Iran is against the strikes. I believe the Donnie should pick
his battles carefully. There is a lot of stuff going on in several places around the world that could use the United States attention or help.
.....Did I mention 59 count 'em, 59 missiles launched? Wow! We're not in Kansas anymore Toto.
.....Donnie's TV briefing to the United States on the missiles launched at Syria sounded more like Jim Jones right before the
Jonestown Massacre. Here's a hint cartooners, don't drink the Kool Aid!
.....Russia says it is suspending the deal with the United States to prevent mid-air incidents over Syria. Calls the strike an
"act of aggression" against an United Nations member. 59 missiles does sound a bit excessive. Doesn't it?
Russia is either ignorant about chemical weapons or complicit with Syria. Either way, it ain't good.
.....Ok so suppose Syria stopped using chemical weapons and keeps using conventional weapons. Will the U.S. intervene then?
I think Trumpy has really stepped in this time. Letting the missiles fly only two months in to his presidency.

April 8, 2017....Two Syrian fighter aircraft took off today from the same air base where Syrian aircraft and airstrips were
supposedly bombed by 59 U. S. cruise missiles. I saw no evidence in the defense department photographs
that showed 59 missile impacts. Where did all the missiles go?
.....So, 59 missiles launched and a few planes destroyed. Not going to be enough to stop Assad from killing his own people.
Do you really think some air strikes will make a difference without putting boots on the ground?

April 9, 2017....Trumpy has ordered the U.S. Pacific Command Nimitz-class aircraft carrier
USS Carl Vinson and multiple destroyers to sail toward the Korean peninsula. Syria now Korea. The Trumpster
better be careful he don't step in something that he can't get off his shoes.
.....Deputy national security adviser K.T. McFarland is expected to leave her National Security Council post and is expected
to be named ambassador to Singapore. McFarland was initially told that she could remain at the
White House when Flynn was replaced by H.R. McMaster

April 10, 2017....North Korea calls the carrier group off it's coast a provocation. Tensions have definitely escalated
in the region. Makes you really wonder what Trumpy and the Chinese president discussed during
the Chinese president's recent U.S. visit. China seems really quiet at this point.
.....UN Ambassador Nikki Haley says that "regime change is something that we think is going to happen because all of the parties are going
to see that Assad is not the leader that needs to be taking place for Syria." Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said
something very different. Asked whether removing Assad was a priority for the United States, Tillerson stated
"Our priority in Syria hasn't changed. I think the President has been quite clear. First and foremost, we must defeat ISIS.
Still seems like the left hand does not know what the right is doing. Trump's cabinet is pitiful.

April 11, 2017....North Korea stated today that it would use nuclear weapons if provoked. This after the U.S. moved a
carrier group off North Korea's coast. Putin calling for an investigation into the use of chemical weapons in Syria. Russia calling this
the worst time in U.S. Russia relations since the cold war. Yep, looks like Donnie Boy has stepped in it waist deep.
.....Geezzz....Spicer is an idiot. It seems he has overdosed on orange Kool-Aid.

April 12, 2017....The FBI obtained a warrant to monitor Carter Page, an advisor to President Trumpy.
The FBI had to have some proof in order to obtain the FISA warrant. It seems Page had some communications with the Russians.
.....Last August, a handwritten ledger surfaced in Ukraine with dollar amounts and dates next to the name of Paul Manafort, who
was then Donald Trump's campaign chairman. Ukrainian investigators called it evidence of off-the-books payments
from a Russian political party and part of a larger pattern of corruption under the country's former president.
Financial records obtained by the Associated Press confirm that at least $1.2 million in payments listed in the
ledger next to Manafort's name were received by his consulting firm in the U.S.
.....I got to say again, there are way too many chiefs and no Indians in the Trumpy advisors and cabinet.

April 13, 2017.....Trump drops a moab bomb, largest non nuclear bomb in Afghanistan. The target was isis tunnels.
For those keeping track 59 cruise missiles and one moab. That is almost one bomb/missile per day of Trumps presidency.
At that rate we will be out of bombs very soon.

April 14, 2017....China warned that a war on the Korean Peninsula would have devastating consequences as the
U.S. threatened military retaliation against North Korea if it proceeds with a nuclear test this weekend.
.....Trump hides white house visitor logs amidst false claims of national security and privacy. 6 Million Obama visitors prove otherwise.
National Security archive director Tom Blanton says, "Trump making himself right at home in the swamp".

April 15, 2017....What is up with the Trumpy spending every weekend away from the White House?
What's up is that Trumpy is using tax payer money to pay for the fuel for air force one, plus secret service and at three
different locations. Tax payer dollars for the Trumpster to have fun. This abuse of power has to stop.
.....North Korea attempted missile launch fails.

April 16, 2017....Instead of building a wall it seems the Trumpster has run into one.
.....Trumpy took to Twitter on Saturday calling protests for the release of his tax returns as "small," and that the issue is irrelevant
considering his victory in the presidential race. What a jerk, I really hope he doesn't make the full term as president.

April 17, 2017....Vice President Pence warns North Korea not to test the resolve of the US "or the strength of our
military forces," following failed North Korean missile test.

April 18, 2017....V.P. Pence said today we are committed to a denuclearized North Korea.
I don't think Pencey has a clue about the Korean issue.
......The U.S. scrambled fighter jets to escort Russian bombers close to Alaska. It seems Trumpy is getting tested from all sides.
I don't think the Trumpster deals with pressure very well. He goes and bombs places that can't bomb us back. Wonder
how he will deal with things from countries that can bomb us back. OK cartooners, can you say Global Thermo Nuclear War.
.....China granted Ivanka Trump 3 trademarks the day of Trump's meeting with the Chinese president.
Nothing suspicious about that is there?
.....The aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson and its strike group actually sailed south after U.S. Pacific Command
announced April 8 that it was canceling the ships' planned visit to Australia and instead ordering them to sail
north and report on station to the Western Pacific Ocean. WTF is president douche bag doing.

April 19, 2017....Well the Trumpster signed some b.s. executive order supposed to make buying American great again.
This is all well and good. The problem is Trumpy's own products are not made in America.
.....Bill O'Reilly is out at fox news amidst his sexual harassment scandal. The Trumpster a week or so ago, was telling
everyone what a great man and news person O'Reilly was. Says one molester about another.
.....Tillerson's comments on Iran are troubling. Saying we must asses all threats posed by Iran.
Lets see now, Trump has pissed off Mexico, Syria, Russia, China, North Korea and now Iran.

April 21, 2017....Jeff Sessions does not think a judge in Hawaii should overrule Trumpy. Sessions says "I really am amazed
that a judge sitting on an island in the Pacific can issue an order that stops the president". Let's see, this chump
is a supposed Attorney General and he doesn't see how a judge can issue an order against the president. What a moron.
.....Less than 100 days into this presidency, it is clear what kind of leader Trump is. He has made the transition from a
man who bluffed and blustered his way in TV debates to a man who bluffs and blusters his way through international crises.
He is a businessman who knew nothing about foreign affairs, who has grown into a nuclear armed president
who knows nothing about foreign affairs. He used to fire B list celebrities on TV now he just fires off tweets
and Tomahawks after watching TV. It is troubling for any White House to act as dumb or duplicitous as Trump.
Some argue that it is better to be feared than loved. It’s also better to look like something other than a fool.

April 22, 2017....Donald Trump has a “dangerous mental illness” and is not fit to lead the U.S., a group of psychiatrists
warned during a conference at Yale University. Yale experts are even saying trump is dangerous and mentally ill.
Hell you say! There is a provision in the constitution to get a president out of office if he is incapable of doing the job.
Washington needs to enact this before we are at war with North Korea and before he damages and
diminishes the U.S. reputation any more than he already has.

April 23, 2017....The first 100 days is nigh. Other than a supreme court judge and a few executive orders Trumpy's first
100 days has not even come close to doing any thing he said he would while he was campaigning.
Folded on health care, executive orders overturned and has not made friends with other countries.
Donnie boy, we are not the world's policemen.

April 24, 2017....Trumpy in a TV interview stated that the presidency is more complicated than he anticipated.
Hell you say! How is that possible? We are starting to see the man behind the curtain.
The problem with that is, this is not OZ.

April 25, 2017....It seems Trumpy has imposed a 20% tariff on Canadian lumber. I guess we can add Canada to the
list of nations the Divider In Chief has pissed off. Lets see, the U.S. gets 30% or so of it's lumber from Canada.
If I was Canada I would not sell lumber to the U.S. until the tariff was removed. Can you imagine the price increase of
lumber in the U.S. It would be outrageous. The price of building homes would increase and slow down the
U.S. lumber and housing industry.
.....A federal judge in San Francisco has blocked a Trump order to withhold federal funding for sanctuary
cities that limit cooperation with U.S. immigration. The judge issued a temporary ruling over
Trumpy's executive order. The order will stay while the lawsuit goes through the court.

April 26, 2017....The U.S. navy said an Iranian warship came within a thousand yards of a Navy ship in the Persian Gulf yesterday.
.....Our military is moving missile batteries into South Korea. That, with the senate getting briefed today at the white house
on the Korean situationdoes not make me feel secure. Did I mention that the Divider In Chief
has now added Canada to the growing list of countries he has pissed off?

April 27, 2017....Well it's official, the Do Nothing In Chief has done nothing in his first hundred days.
Well not totally true, he has managed to piss off seven countries. Trumpy Dump has lowest the lowest
approval rating of any newly elected president. Zero passed bills. This while trying to push bills through way too fast just
so he can say he done something. The pushing the bills way too fast is not good. I want my
legislators to think and weigh everything out before trying to pass any bill.

April 28, 2017....Trumpy said on Thursday a major conflict with North Korea is possible in the standoff over
its nuclear and missile programs, but he would prefer a diplomatic outcome to the dispute.
The Trumpster states there could be a "major major conflict".

April 29, 2017....One hundred days and the Trumpster is still trying to run the white house and the country like
a reality tv show. @potus.You are the biggest loser. Pathetic. So bad it makes me wish for the days of Nixon.
You're Fired!
.....It is official, Trumpy has accomplished nothing in his first hundred days. No bills passed and not one piece of
legislation passed. The worst first hundred days of any president ever.

April 30, 2017....I guess Trumpy did ok in his first hundred days. After all, we are still here.

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