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Dump Trump Diaries
An American Nightmare
These pages are a record about everything the Trumpster does that
is a lie, partial truth, broken campaign promises and
any other bs that comes out of his or any of his cronies mouths.

May 1, 2017....Well it seems Trumpy wants to make it easier to sue the media.
He won't sue Fox though, because Fox is not real news.
.....The Disgracer In Chief ended an interview with the Face The Nation host. When asked about claims he made about
Obama wiretapping Trump Tower. Trumpy said "that's enough" and walked off. I mean he has had a long time now to
think of some more reasons why he says Obama wiretapped the Tower. Seems he has run out of lies to tell about the issue.

May 2, 2017....Does anyone know what the hell Trumpy Dump has been talking about lately? The dude seems real out
of whack lately. A lot more so than usual. I believe he has lost it. There is some kind of mental illness going
on here. He is a danger to the United States and it's allies. With all the losses he has suffered already early in his presidency,
it makes him more dangerous and eager to pass anything he can get by congress. Makes no difference to him if it is a messed up
bill, he just wants something, anything to get through congress. The man has shown his true colors, he don't give a rat's ass
about the people he is supposed to serve. He has shown signs of mental illness and an inability to make rational decisions.

May 3, 2017....Trump calls for a government shutdown if he does not get his way. wtf...This dude is insane.
I knew when he won things would be messed up, but, this moron is off the charts.
.....I have not seen this much turmoil in the white house since Nixon, and we know how that turned out.

May 4, 2017....Trump is a literal danger to American democracy. The clownish veneer of Trumpism conceals its true danger.
Trumpís way of lying is not a joke, it is a strategy, a way of clouding our capacity to think and to live in a realm of truth.
This is the brand that Trump has created for himself. That of an unprincipled, cocky, value-free con
who will insult, stiff, or betray anyone to achieve his purposes. His presidency has become the demoralizing daily
obsession of anyone concerned with global security. His political opinions are inconsistent and mainly another form of
performance art, part of his talk-show patter. His contributions to political campaigns were unrelated
to conviction he gave solely to curry favor with those who could do his business some good. He believes in nothing.
The task now is to recognize this Presidency for the emergency it is.
This is part of an editorial from New Yorker magazine and they nailed it.
.....There goes health care. I can not believe the republicans pushed through a health care bill,
without it being vetted. No body knows exactly what is in the bill,
there was no committee to go over and through the bill to make sure it is a feasible piece of legislation.
One can only hope the senate is more responsible and does not pass this terrible bill.
Trumpy touting the work of republicans who spent a whole 18 days working on the bill. I would think this bill would,
because of it's importance, take a long time to work out any issues. The republicans in there rush to do something,
anything, have screwed the people so bad on health care.

May 5, 2017....Several republican representatives have admitted they did not read the whole healthcare
bill before they voted. How can you vote on something you do not fully understand? This goes back to the win at any
cost attitude by the president. The president's reckless behavior on everything must be stopped at all cost.
.....I really hope the senate has more sense than the house and will not be intimidated by the white house bully.

May 6, 2017....Trumpís choice for Army secretary withdrew his nomination after weeks of criticism over past statements
he has made about gays and lesbians, Muslims and other groups. Mark Green, a republican state
senator from Tennessee, issued a statement in which he said he was pulling his name from consideration.
.....Nobody dies because they donít have access to health careĒ says a republican lawmaker.
Recent comments by leaders of the Republican party prove just how out of touch
they are and how much they could care less about the average American.

May 8, 2017....Trump up early today tweeting about the hearing on fired AG trying to influence the sub committee's
actions and decisions. This is way beneath the white house but, not beneath the Tweeter In Chief.
This is just part of the cartoon that has become the white house.

May 9, 2017....The AG warned the White House that Flynn had some dealings with the Russians. This was two weeks
before the white house announced Flynn's departure. Seems Trumpy tried to hide Flynn's issue after he knew
about it. After Sally Yates told the Moron In Chief about Flynn, he fired her and did nothing about Flynn until he had to.
These are impeachable offenses by the white house and deplorable conduct by any U.S. official let alone a president.
.....FBI Director James Comey erroneously told Congress last week that former Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin
"forwarded hundreds and thousands" of emails to her husband's laptop.
.....When Spicer says to the white house press "I will get back to you on that", it means
we have not made up a good enough lie for that question yet.

May 10, 2017....The president fires F.B.I. director Comey. Convenient for Trumpy since Comey was investigating
him and the white house. Have not seen this amount of incompetence since the Nixon white house.
.....The president says something and it takes every body in the white house to try to explain
what he meant, but they can't. Sad!

May 11, 2017....Flynn got fired for not disclosing a meeting with a Russian Counterpart. Trumpy invites the
same Russian Official, that Flynn got fired for, to a meeting in the White House. Yep, that will sure quiet down
all the Russian drama going on around and about the presidency.
.....Alright Cartooners, can you say Special Federal Prosecutor? The more people you get that
are trying to tell you what the president meant, the bigger the lie.

May 12, 2017....The Dumb Ass In Chief played yet again by the Russians. He bars US media from a photo op,
but not Russian media. What did he think was going to happen? It was a PR Op for Vlad and Trump was the
sucker. The dupe keeps getting outplayed. That's gotta hurt his ego. He's an amateur next to Putin as bastards go.
It's the difference between being trained by the KGB or the WWF.
......Trump launched a long-promised commission on election integrity stating the prevalence
of voter fraud at U.S. polls. The executive order, stems from Trump's unsubstantiated
claim that more than 3 million undocumented immigrants illegally voted in November's election. Everyone,
even people in his own party say there is no proof of any fraud.
.....The Tweeter In Chief, "James Comey better hope that there are no tapes of our conversations before
he starts leaking to the press". I doubt very seriously if Comey will loose any sleep over this
veiled threat. Wish there was tapes, that way the Dumb Ass In Chief could not lie about what was said.

May 13, 2017....Attorney General Sessions is directing federal prosecutors to pursue the most serious
charges possible against the majority of suspects. This is sure to send more people to prison and for much
longer terms. Sessions, a former federal prosecutor during the height of the crack cocaine epidemic and who
has promised to make combating violence and drugs the Justice Department's top priority.
Guess that is part of Trumpy's promise to put more people to work. More police, more prosecutors,
more judges, more correction officers, more prisons and more tax dollars from you to pay for it.
BTW...How is that war on drugs Nixon and Reagan started working out for you?

May 15, 2017....Trumpy revealed highly classified information to the Russians during their recent visit to the
white house. Of course the white house is stating no information was revealed. In their denial the white house did
not address the issue directly. Every news agency is sticking to it's story. Impeachment should proceed immediately.
Trumpy is too stupid to be president.

May 16, 2017....Impeachment is way too good for the Dumb Ass In Chief. Try the douchebag for high Treason.

May 17, 2017....Well it seems like Trumpy has stepped in it again. The Loser In Chief asked former
FBI director Comey, to end the Flynn probe. Comey said no, so Trumpy Dump fired him. The President
of the United States asked the FBI director, to not do his job. At the least this is a criminal obstruction of justice.
.....Trump shared classified information with the Russians. That is bad enough but, the information he gave the
Russians was an Israeli classified secret. That should be some meeting between Trump and the president
of Israel later this week. Stay tuned for more cartooners.
.....The Justice Department has appointed a special counsel to oversee the investigation of the connection
of Trumpy to the Russians. Trumpy is in deep dodo.

May 18, 2017....The Donnie called the investigation about him and the Russians a "witch hunt".
Time to get on your broom and fly out of D.C. Donnie boy.

May 19, 2017....Seems mount Donnie is about to blow. He is a tweet storm trying to influence what
people think. You can tell by the tone and content of the tweets he puts out, that he is desperate,
fragile and with that deer in the headlight look. He has been tweeting stuff that has already been said
or used by a news agency, mostly Fox. Yep, it's a witch hunt, burn him at the stake, burn him real good.
.....The Trumpster told Russians firing "nut job" Comey eased "great pressure" from the Russia probe.
WTF is the matter with this nut job of a president. He thought the pressure was off
because he fired Comey but the firing makes the president look even more guilty of treason.
The Dumb Ass In Chief needs put to death for high treason against the U.S.

May 20, 2017....Can't wait to hear what the Tweeter In Chief has to say about this. Give him enough rope
and he will impeach himself. The White House is already researching the impeachment process.
This Trump Chump is over in the middle east for nine days. We will probably be in a war with the some
country in the middle east before Trumpy gets home.

May 22, 2017....Trumpy calls for the Saudi's to have unity, while he is the biggest voice for disunity and chaos.
He considers all Muslims to be potential terrorists and has tried to block them from entering our country.
The Arabs are lucky. They only have to listen to his speeches. We have to live with the devastation of his ignorance.
.....The Trumpster's budget proposal will contain massive cuts to food stamps and Medicaid, a major departure
from his campaign promise to avoid cutting the low-income health insurance program.
More lies from Trumpy Dump, he has broken all of his campaign promises.
....Flynn will invoke his 5th amendment rights and not testify in the senate investigation. How convenient.

May 23, 2017....The proposed Trumpy budget plan is a disaster. Cutting social programs like
Medicaid and food stamps from people barely hanging on is a really low blow from the republicans.
The GOP pigs like Trump, Ryan and Pence consider the poor, sick, disabled and the elderly drains on society.
These people were never contributors to the rich or have outlived their usefulness. There is
plenty of money but the top 1% want to hold onto every penny, add to their wealth and they don't care how it is done.
They will step over sick children and dead bodies to further enrich themselves. Much of this goes back to the Reagan
years of the trickle down economics lie and the screw you attitude. Somehow the GOP has
convinced working people that their plans are for the good of all.
Trump has never given a damn about the country or its people.
Suddenly he is the savior of America? I don't think so.

May 24, 2017....The Trumpster plans to retain Marc Kasowitz as his personal attorney to represent him
in the federal investigation into his campaignís ties to Russia. Guess this officially makes it Donaldgate.
Was wondering how long it would take his guilty ass to lawyer up.
.....Trump is destroying the republican ideology by exposing his stupidity.

May 25, 2017....The House Intelligence Committee is going to issue subpoenas to Trumpy's former
national security advisor, Michael Flynn. Senate Intelligence Committee heads say the former Trump adviserís
documents and businesses are not covered by the Fifth Amendment.
.....An estimated 23 million people would lose health coverage under Republican legislation aimed at repealing Obamacare.
How the hell is this alright under anyone's stretch of the imagination. The republicans don't care if you are
sick or die. I have never seen a congress or any government entity of any type with the total disregard
for it's citizens this one has. This congress is the most inept ever.
.....A federal appeals court upholds the blocked travel ban. Yet another defeat for Trumpy and republicans.

May 26, 2017....Jared Kushner, the president's son-in-law and one of his senior advisers,
has come under FBI scrutiny in the Russia investigation. Investigators believe Kushner has significant information
relevant to their inquiry. Trumpy has surrounded himself with one douche bag after another.
.....The Embarrasser In Chief pushes past Dusko Markovic, the Prime Minister of Montenegro, in a effort to get
to the front of the group posing for pictures. Wow. This guy is truly unacceptable as a President.
This is what the sixth grade bully at elementary school does when he's so insecure he needs all he attention and spotlight.
Usually they grow up and become better people, but not the Donnie, he is still that sixth grade bully
on the playground even at an event with world leaders. This is the leader of the free world. What a jerk.

May 27, 2017....Jared Kushner spoke with Russian officials in December about opening secret
communications between the Trump transition and Moscow. What the hell is going on?
WTF is the matter with these people. It seems every one around the Disgracer In Chief are
corrupt in some form or another. No one on or around or associated with Trumpy's administration
is trustworthy. They are covert and accomplished liars.

May 28, 2017....The Globe Trotter In Chief is back. The White House and the Republican Party
are in shambles and our president went off around world. He dissed most
of the foreign leaders he met in one way or another.

May 29, 2017....Add Germany to the list of countries that the Donnie has pissed off. Angela Merklel,
the head of Germany, states that Germany and the rest of Europe can longer depend on America. They are
probably better off on their own than trying to do anything that involves our Disgracer In Chief.

May 30, 2017....Korea test fires another missile. Does Kim Dung Stupid know that little Donnie Trump
is all grown up and now has big boy panties along with nuclear warheads and he is too stupid not to use them.
.....White House communications director resigns. The departure of Michael Dubke could be the first of many from
trumps staff in the wake of the Russia Probe. First Trumpy says Comey was fired because of the Clinton emai
investigation, then Trump says he was fired because of the investigation into Trumps collusion with Russians.
How can anybody do a good job with trumps self created chaos? And that chaos is constant. Nobody could
keep up with trumps tweets, and self promotion. Good luck to the next fool to join trumps train wreck.
.....Trumpy's personal lawyer refuses to cooperate in the Russian probe. Hell you say.

May 31, 2017....The White House said Thursday it expects law enforcement agents to enforce federal marijuana
laws when they come into conflict with states where recreational use of the drug is permitted.
"I do believe you will see greater enforcement of it," press secretary Spicer said regarding federal drug laws, which
still list marijuana as an illegal substance. That's a reversal from the Obama administration's stance, which laid out
in an official memo that the federal government wouldn't interfere in states where nonmedical use of marijuana is allowed.
This is bs. Guess we are going to have to get militant of the sob's in the white house. All the stuff going on
around the world and they are worried about pot smokers. Pot smokers are an easy target for law enforcement.
They get a bunch of busts on smokers confiscate their belongings. They then get more money because they
can sell confiscated goods. This just keeps the cycle going and does not stop pot smokers. This also makes
money for drug cartels. More people than ever are smoking marijuana and my country still sees them as criminals. Trumpy has
taken the country back to 1969. Hope it has the same ending for this president and is did for Nixon. They are both crooks.

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