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Dump Trump Diaries
An American Nightmare
These pages are a record about everything the Trumpster does that
is a lie, partial truth, broken campaign promises and
any other bs that comes out of his or any of his cronies mouths.

June 1, 2017....If President Trump was hoping his foreign trip would shift the conversation away
from scandals, he is out of luck. Over the last week, support for beginning impeachment proceedings
among voters rose from 38 percent to 43 percent.
.....CNN firing Kathy Griffin. WTF...They should give her a raise and a medal.
Besides, cutting off the Douche Bag In Chief's head is way too good for him.
.....Trumpy is getting more incoherent every day. Covfefe, Sad!

June 2, 2017....The Trumpster announced that the United States will withdraw from the Paris climate accord.
It is official now, Trumpy Dump has managed to piss off every country in the wolrd. Some twice.
.....Scientists say an expanse of ice the size of Delaware is close to breaking off from the warming Antarctic ice shelf.
When it happens this will be one of the world's largest icebergs ever. Glad I am not on the Trumptanic.

June 3, 2017....President Trumpy could seek to block former FBI Director James Comey from testifying
to Congress next week. Comey was leading a FBI probe into Russian meddling in last year's election
and possible collusion by Trump's campaign when the president fired him last month.
It seems Trumpy Dump was trying to hinder the FBI's investigation by firing Comey.

June 4, 2017....Trump was on Twitter about the deadly attacks in London on Saturday to offer US help to Britain and
to promote his controversial travel ban as an extra level of security for Americans. People died and the
Disaster In Chief tweets about his travel ban. How sad is that?

June 5, 2017....It's true a picture is really worth a thousand words.

Product Of Mexico
.....An investigation conducted by New York Attorney General Schneiderman states there is already a sealed
indictment against Trump that could be used as grounds for impeachment. Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein
showed the indictment to Senators including Lindsey Graham, and that Representative Green then
called for Trumpís impeachment on the House floor. The Sergeant At Arms of the Senate went
to the White House that Wednesday night, and Trump was notified that an impeachment case against him
has commenced. The charge, that Trumpy didnít follow procedure when he declassified information that he
revealed to Russian officials. This could explain why White House lawyers were reportedly researching impeachment
in the days after Trump was supposedly notified.

June 6, 2017....Trump calls London's mayor pathetic. It is clear London has the same issues as most cities and to call
the city's leader pathetic, after a major event no one foreseen or could have prevented, is pathetic.
Plus, the Twit In Chief does this on twitter, that is even more pathetic.
.....George Conway, Kellyanne Conway's husband says Trumpy's tweets is hurting his legal case. Hell you say.

June 7, 2017....I have never seen a white house as uninformed and in disarray as this one.
Trump makes what Nixon's white house did look like a day at Disney Land.
Constant turmoil and crisis seems the norm for the No Clue In Chief and everyone around him.
.....In a statement from former FBI director Comey, says Trumpy asked him "I hope you can let this go", referring to
Flynn's investigation. The president asking the FBI director to do something illegal. If this not impeachable then nothing is.
Asking an FBI director to perjure himself to protect the president. This is treason. Time to impeach the Asshole In Chief.

June 8, 2017....Fox news Neil Cavuto, dedicated an entire segment to calling Trump out on what a poor job heís
doing. He points out Trumpís scapegoating, endless tweeting and for alienating members of his own party and staff.
Cavuto went on to claim that nobody is hurting Trump more than Trump himself.
ďTheyíre not the problem Mr. President, these days, you are. Even Fox news is running out of lies and deception
for the Moron In Chief. Kudos to Cavuto.

June 9, 2017....Trumpy Dump says he is going to file a complaint against Comey with the Justice department and the Senate
judiciary committee. One way to clear everything up would be for the Trumpster to testify in front of a committee and tell his story.
Every time a politician would rather file complaints and lawsuits instead of rebutting a testimony, he is guilty as hell.

June 10, 2017....The New York attorney general, which has been investigating the Dumpy Trump Foundation for months,
is now looking into the Eric Trump Foundation, after a report exposed practices that seem to violate state laws.
The whole dam family is crooked and corrupt. Donnie wouldn't have it any other way.

June 12, 2017....Attorneys general for the District of Columbia and the state of Maryland sued Trumpy on
Monday, alleging that he violated anti-corruption clauses in the Constitution by accepting millions in payments
and benefits from foreign governments since moving into the White House.
.....Appeals court rules against trumps revised travel plan. Glad there are still some judges not afraid to defend the Constitution.

June 13, 2017....Trump is considering whether to fire Robert Mueller the special counsel investigating ties
between the Trumpy campaign and Russian officials. wow...How convenient is that?
.....Trump cabinet kissing the Donnie's ass. Can you imagine the carnage?

June 14, 2017....Trumpy threatens to fire the special prosecutor Mueller in hopes of leading to exoneration.
Again the Disgrace In Chief is trying to influence an outcome to his favor by threatening a special prosecutor.
At the very least this is obstruction of justice, an impeachable offense. Just ask Nixon.

June 15, 2017....The special counsel Robert Mueller overseeing the probe into Russia's meddling in the election is looking
at whether Trumpy tried to obstruct justice. Senior intelligence officials have agreed to be interviewed by investigators.
Finally, not a cabinet member or part of the staff but, the Disaster In Chief is under investigation.

June 16, 2017....The Trumpster's personal lawyer Michael Cohen has hired his own attorney as the investigation into
Trump's ties to Russia continues to expand. When lawyers need lawyers there is something really crooked going on.
.....Jared Kushner, Trumpy Dump's son-in-law is under investigation for wrong doings with the Russians.

June 17, 2017....Trumpy Dump has appointed longtime loyalist Lynne Patton, who has zero housing experience and
claims a law degree the school says she never earned, to run the office that oversees federal housing programs
in New York. In the past Patton has planned golf tournaments and weddings. Glad she has the background to be
the head of federal housing. For a minute there I thought she might not be qualified.

June 19, 2017....Private news briefing for white house reporters instead of regular open and recordable briefings.
wtf....Is up with that. How much more bs from this disgrace of an administration are we going to take. Enough is way enough.
Time for this deplorable presidency to be ousted from the top all the way down. Trumpy and his administration are
he worst I have seen in my lifetime. Only a few third world countries leaders are currently worse than ours.

June 20, 2017....It seems Spicy is on his way out as press secretary. Don't know why? He never answered
questions directly and used "I will check on that and get back to you" way too many times.
Guess he is tired of having to lie to the press on behalf of the Deceiver In Chief.

June 22, 2017....The Bluffer In Chief stated he has no recorded conversations of James Comey.
So when Trumpy threatened Comey with exposing tapes of their talks he was a liar.
.....No live coverage of white house news briefings. What is the Trumpster trying to hide now?

June 23, 2017....Speaking of his Cabinet, the Loser In Chief says,"I love all people rich or poor but in those positions
I just don't want a poor person". "They are representing the country, they don't want the money". Donnie Boy,
these rich business men you appointed will do everything they can to see that their business makes more money.
There is no way these business people will do the right thing when it involves business making money.

June 26, 2017....The Supreme Court has lifted key components of an injunction against the Trumpster's proposed ban on
travel from six Muslim nations. They Reinstated much of the policy and promised to hear full arguments later this year.

June 27, 2017....The republicans have delayed their health care bill vote. They just don't have enough votes for their pitiful
bill to pass. Republican president, a majority in the senate and house and the supreme court. The republicans are in charge
with all majorities in every branch of government and still have not been able to construct and pass one piece legislation. Wow!

June 29, 2017....Trumpy Dump is putting personal grudges over the job he was elected to do. Itís a sad day for
America when the president spends his time bullying, lying and spewing petty personal attacks instead of doing his job.
The Trumpster was whining about the Mourning Joe news show saying they are speaking badly of me. The Dumpster In Chief
is truly a douchebag attacking peoples looks like some school yard bully. This pos president has to go!
......The Disgrace In Chief is trying to bully people. This while the First Lady is speaking up and against bullying. It is a shame the
potus tweets more vile about media but nothing on his plan or vision for the U.S.

June 30, 2017....White House press secretary Huckabee seems way more out of touch than Spicy.
No explanation about any thing the Trumpster says or does. Just more ineptness from the Out House.

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