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After trying to stop the number of spam emails I receive each day, I have decided instead of trying to stop it, to try to control it. In trying to control spam I have set up a "collect all other" email account. When ever I sign up for something new on the web, I use this email address. Only after I am sure I get no spam from an email address, I then change that email address to an email account where I know the sender, and will receive no spam. Be sure not to give this address to any friends who forward you stuff from other friends, and places around the internet. Most of the time people forward stuff without deleting the addresses of every one who has received this email. Use a blind carbon copy, it will forward the email with out all the email addresses that have come before. Spammers love this, they can get a bunch of email address off of one email. So while you can't get rid of spam altogether you can at least have a safe inbox with a minimal amount of unwanted email.
Spam From WebTV

A lot of the spam in your mail box can come to you compliments of WebTV. WebTV sells and shares your personal info with other companies/spammers, unless you unchecked the boxes in the WebTV privacy policy. It sucks that you have to opt out of something instead of opt in, but that's WebTV for ya. You can still uncheck/opt out the boxes in the WebTV privacy policy. Go privacy the privacy policy click the links on numbers 2 and 6 and uncheck the boxes. That should stop at least one source of spam, WebTV.
You can forward your spam to: WebTv/MsnTv can block IP numbers from sending any emails from that address.

Can That Spammer

Have you ever got an email from someone or a "company" that wasn't addressed to you, no address, something you didn't ask for or wanting you to buy something? I thought so. Just about everyone has been spammed at one time or another. Most of the time it's just an email or two. Sometimes though, you get a lot of it and it's from the same place. Maybe you have tried unsubscribing. Well if the mailer is a spammer it doesn't do any good. If you reply to unsubscribe that tells the mailer that at least you responded to his mail and you could get spammed even more. If unsubscribing doesn't work (with most legit companies it does) try using SpamCop. It is a service that finds the Domain from where the email originated. Then you can forward the email to the spammer's service provider and report them. Most site hosts and email servers will take care of the problem spammer. They will disable the account of the spam sender. Yes it works! I have forwarded several spam emails to the domain of the spammer and their accounts have been warned or even disabled. Try it for yourself. I have described the process below or you can go to SpamCop and check it out.

February 7, 2001
You now have to sign up at Spamcop to be able to use their free service. Go to Spamcop, click "free report service" then enter your email address for "spam submission method 1". You will receive an email from spamcop with an "authorization key"(url). Go to the url then paste your spam in the text box they provide. Be sure to put a blank line (click return key) between the subject and body of the spam. Spamcop has other free and pay services.

Before you report spam be sure what you are reporting IS spam. Sometimes when you sign up for a service you agree to receive certain emails from that service. This is not spam. Try unsubscribing. If that doesn't work then it is spam. Chain letters, jokes etc. you recieve from friends is not spam. Email your friends and tell them to stop it! Once you are sure it is spam, then you need to get the address of the spammer. In order to get the correct address of the spammer you need to see the email header, which WebTV doesn't show you. To get the header to show the origin of the email, that SpamCop needs, do the following:

1-While viewing the spam hit SEND or FORWARD.
2-If you have a signature remove it...then address the email to yourself.
3-Erase/delete the subject line.
4-Move cursor to the BODY...hit return twice, it makes two blank lines,...then type any alt character, example alt and z-�
5-Hit cmd and a, to highlight...then cmd and c, to copy the text which is two blank lines and the alt character you typed in.
6-Go to the subject line and hit cmd v, to paste the copied info in the subject line.
7-Hit send, to send the email to yourself
The reason you did all of this was to be able to see the headers of the spam email. SpamCop needs it to find the domain of the spammer. This makes sure you are reporting the spam to the proper domain host.
8-Open the email you sent to yourself.
9-Copy, cmd and c, the email from the first RECEIVED by/from through the end of the email.
10-Go to SpamCop.
11-In the big text box paste, cmd and v, the email you copied...put a line space between the subject and body of the email. To make a space just hit the return key.
12-Hit the Process Spam button at the bottom of the text box.
SpamCop will give you the domain name/names you should report the spam to.
13-Go to the original spam email and forward it to the address SpamCop gave you....Be sure to include any comments you have, such as...I have tried to unsubscribe to this email...I keep getting this email again and again...etc...
14-That's it!

Most of the time you will not get a response from the abuse department, but most will look into the problem. The abuse department may send you an email saying they will look into the problem or even assign you a ticket number for follow-up reports and emails. Later you may get an email saying they have disabled the spammer's account. You've done it! No more spam from that address.

Of course the spammer can get another email address from another domain and start all over again. At least you have caused spammer a major hassle in starting over. It's real annoying, kinda like getting spammed, hehe. We all need to do our part in fighting spam. Don't just delete spam, report it!

Net Privacy

If you have an IP number you can find the domain of that number and report the abusive party. Go to click wwwhois and type the ip number in the text box below it then submit. This will give you the domain of the ip number you typed. Then you can e-mail the abusive ip number to their domain. Most domains have an abuse department so your e-mail will look like abuse@domain.whatever

For more info on spam, cookies and internet privacy check out


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