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html help

Copy and Paste the codes on to your page... Put your own text where it says text here... Replace URL with the http:// address you want that link to go to. To copy the codes put your cursor at the top of the text box...press CMD and A at the same time to highlight the whole code in the text box...press CMD amd C at the same time to copy the highlighted code..go to your page and press CMD and V at the same time to paste your code on your page...Be sure to delete any notes I have made in the text box.

Link, VLink and Hover Colors
Change hex color codes as needed.

Drop Down Menu

Change text color, width and add links as needed.

Random Background Music
URL of SONG is the http:// address of your music file.

Password Javascript Code

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Home   HTML   Tables    Band   Poetry   Weather257   Site News   About   

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