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Count the Votes!

Election 2000 Manifesto
Death of the Constitution

Since the Supreme has decided your vote does not count, i will be burning my voter registration card on inauguration day. After having voted in every election since 1972 i will never vote again. The flag, once a symbol of freedom will be displayed upside-down as a permenant protest. Without the right for your vote to be counted there is no need for a flag, supreme court or president. People have told me for years "your vote doesn't mean anything", the supreme court has proven them right. The Third Reich is alive and well in America!

The decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to over-turn the Florida Supreme Court decision to count all the votes is an act of treason. The right to vote and have that vote count is the basis of the U.S. Constitution. With out allowing all the votes to be counted the integrity of this election is and always will be in doubt, not to mention the integrity of the Constitution. With the Supreme Court playing it's political card the integrity of the court is most in jeopardy. Politics have no place in any court anywhere. Politics in a judicial setting can only lead to corrupt decisions. Political cards being played in courts have destroyed individual rights. The court lost sight of what is most important, the individual, the voter. We, the U.S., send our former presidents and high ranking officials to other countries to insure proper vote counts but, yet our own Supreme Court will not ensure proper vote counts here in America. The Supreme Court was treasonous and in violation of U.S. Constitution in it's decision. They were so short-sighted and in such a hurry they didn't even realize their decision was not about Gore or Bush winning a election but about a voters right to have his or her vote counted. Their decision was not a decision. It is a crushing blow to freedoms given to Americans under the Constitution. Citizens expect and demand that the Supreme Court uphold rights given by the Constitution. If the Supreme Court does not uphold these rights their is no basis for a Constitution.

My father fought in WWII and countless others have fought and died to protect the Constitution and the Republic for which it stands. One of those rights fought for was the right to vote and have it count. The Supreme has sent a message that what these people fought and died for means nothing and political party means everything. As far as i'm concerned the Supreme Court has spit on my father's grave and the grave of every other American that died defending our Constitution. Their sacrifice means nothing if every single vote is not counted.

The most corrupt in this Constitutional Crisis is the appointed officials from the Florida Secretary of State to the Supreme Court. Every decision made by an appointee in this crisis did not respond to the individual voter's rights. Instead their decisions served their own agenda. Not once in any decision by an appointed official was a right to vote and have it be counted addressed. Every decision by them was self serving and in violation of voter fairness. The only ones who made decisions concerning a voters right to have their vote counted were elected officials, namely the Florida Supreme Court. This should lead to the question of term limits for Supreme Court Justices. No way should a court justice sit without being elected. With the system the way it is a Supreme Court Judge has to die or quit before being replaced. Maybe years ago when things didn't change so fast this was good. In today's world where everything changes fast the archaic ways of the Supreme Court can no longer apply. It is time to bring the court and it's system up to date to reflect ever changing views. It is time to elect the judges that make a difference.

When laws become more important than the people they are supposed to protect the system has failed. The system in this case has failed the most important part of society, the people. If the system fails our Constitution is in dire straits. If voters rights are not protected there is no need for an election. In this case the Supreme Court elected the president. This should be a red flag for citizens. The system in this case is the Supreme Court. They have been derelict in their duties and have failed the American people and fair justice for everyone. There are people in Florida who have not had their vote counted. When laws are more important than people they are not laws any more. They are tools for our government to oppress it's people. Protection of an individual from oppression is the utmost law, that is our Constitution.

The recount in Florida was not about who will or should be president. It was about making sure every vote counted. The Secretary of State and the lower courts in Florida along with the U.S. Supreme Court should be arrested and convicted of vote tampering at the highest level. These people only carried out their own agenda. The courts stalled the process with a sucessful attemp to not count the votes. Voter fraud is unacceptable and a convictable crime at any level of government. The Secretary of State did not perform her duties to the people of Florida. That is because she was appointed and doesn't have to answer to the voter. She has her own agenda, a possible appointment to a cabinet post. This is in your face corruption at it's worst. Worse than the coal robber baron politics of West Virginia. Now Florida's Secretary of State wants reform for voter laws. If she is so concerned about the voter why didn't she allow all the votes to be counted? Oh yeah, if Bush didn't win there goes her appointment. Her actions and contradictions are criminal at best and treasonous at worst. No one like this should be in office or post anywhere in any government.

The Supreme Court told the Florida courts that they can't make law but that is exactly what the Supreme Court did. The court is not a judicial body any more it is a political one. With the court playing it's political hand never again will the people have faith in any ruling it makes. There will be serious doubt about all decisions. If there is no faith in the court there can be no faith in laws it judicates. The Supreme Court also contradicted itself by staying the count in the first place. This is very suspect and political. When in it's decision it said there was not enough time to count the votes. By staying the Florida court's decision it is clear it became part of the Republican political railroading. The Supreme Court elected the president, not the voter.

One other disturbing aspect of this election fiasco was the non support of the democratic party for it's candidate and the right to vote and have it counted. Most disapponting was my own West Virginia Senators Robert C. Byrd and Jay Rockefeller. A bastion of the Constitution, Byrd was surprisingly silent on this issue, as were most prominant democrats. By not speaking out for the votes to be counted let alone not standing beside their candidate, they too are guilty and have failed the Constitution and the duties of their office. I still can't believe only a handful of democrats had the guts to stand and say count the votes. They too have their own agenda, getting elected next term. Instead of putting the people they represent first, these political autocrats covered their own asses with silent cowardice.

Bush was not elected president, he was appointed by the Supreme Court. Therefore i can not recognize his office or any other that is appointed. Appointments are political and do not serve the best interests of the people they are supposed to represent. If you need proof just look at the travisity of appointed officials in Florida. Every decsion made by an appointee did not serve the people. Their decisions were self serving. To all of the biased officials and judges right on down to the republican voter who just wanted his guy to win i say, you have lost a lot more than you will gain. You have lost respect and dignity.

In this case all votes should have been counted. All votes including hanging chads and absentee ballots as long as there was no intent to defraud. As long as people are involved in the process there will errors made. It is the intent of these errors that must be discerned. There are processes to determine clear intent. If it takes several counts to get it right then so be it. The election officials in Palm Beach did a monumental job to insure the accuracy of the vote in their county. The Florida Secretary of State rejected their efforts by her arbitrary time deadline. Webster's Dictionary defines certify as: to declare true accurate certain by formal statement. The election results were not true, accurate or certain. Her certification was bogus and illegal. With out all votes being counted there is no way the results were true let alone accurate or certain.

Because i have no faith in the election system or the courts to uphold voters rights, i will never vote again. Yes, the country will go on but, it will go on with out me. Instead of trying to help make this country a better place for everyone, i will take the example of the Supreme Court and Republican officials, and only give a dam about my agenda.

Burn Your Card January 20, 2001

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